We have developed a glossary of medical terms to help you better understand orthopaedic medicine and the treatments associated with it.

Arthro– medical term for joint
Articular Cartilage – present on the ends of bones and functions as a lubricant to smooth joint movement
Carpals – the wrist bones
Contusion – a crushing injury or bruise
Dislocation – the bones of the joint have been forcibly moved apart and do not return to their normal alignment
Fracture – any broken bone
-itis –  referring to inflammation of a bone or joint
Ligament – the connection of bone to bone
Meniscal Cartilage – this serves as a cushion between bones in a joint and makes irregular bone surfaces more stable
Metacarpals – the bones of the hand
Metatarsals – the bones of the foot
-osis– referring to an abnormality of a bone or joint
Osteo – medical term for bone
Phalanges – the finger or toe bones
Sprain – an injury to the ligaments of a joint
Strain – an injury to muscles or tendons
Subluxation – the bones of a joint are forcibly moved apart and return to their normal alignment.
Tendon – the attachment of a muscle to a bone
Twist – usually a ligament sprain

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