The first and most important step in the pursuit of excellence is a commitment to provide continuity of care.  At  Florida Orthopaedic Specialists  your comfort and convenience is our highest priority.


Our physicians will examine, review medical data and customize a treatment plan based on your specific needs. Therefore, we provide services, located within our office complex, that are most commonly associated with orthopaedic medical care.



These services include:

  • Imaging – MRI, x-ray and ultrasound diagnostic procedures using state-of-the-art technology
  • Physical Therapy– rehabilitation services designed to meet all your therapy needs
  • Surgical Center – out-patient surgery with the highest quality of care in a warm, personalized setting


The physicians at Florida Orthopaedic Specialists are committed to providing the highest quality of medical care in a comfortable and convenient setting. If you require orthopaedic related services such as therapy, imaging or surgery we can assist you. Call today to learn more!

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